What's New in 2018

​Passage of Bill 149 enhancing the Québec Pension Plan

The Québec National Assembly has adopted Bill 149, the Act to enhance the Québec Pension Plan and to amend various retirement-related legislative provisions This link will open in a new window.. For details, read our press release (French only) or consult the section of our website on the subject.

22 February 2018

Bone up on financial planning for retirement

Our Flash Retraite section offers a wealth of knowledge about financial planning for retirement. Expand your horizons with articles such as:

Retirement: Planning for Peace of Mind

The Challenge of Retirement

15 February 2018

Stay in the know: Sign up for INFO.RQ or MAG.RQ

Are you familiar with MAG.RQ and INFO.RQ? Our electronic magazine and infoletter are great ways to keep on top of the programs and services offered by Retraite Québec!

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15 February 2018

Financial planning for retirement in the spot light​

Our annual campaign on the importance of financial planning for retirement is being held from 21 January to 25 February 2018. This year's theme: Jump start your retirement planning.

Visit jeplanifie.gouv.qc.ca This link will open in a new window. to learn about financial planning for retirement and take the opportunity to simulate your retirement income using the planning tools available to you.

Watch the television ad (French only) This link will open in a new window. or listen to the radio spot (French only) This link will open in a new window..

1 February 2018

Retraite Québec proudly marks its second year​

Thanks to the programs Retraite Québec administers, 6 million Quebeckers have received assistance during major life events since 1 January 2016. Find out more about our organisation.

1 February 2018

Training activities for pension committee members

We wish to remind you that you have until 31 January to sign up for our training courses (French only) on:

  • the pension committee's role and responsibilities
  • the partition of pension plan benefits
  • the minimum requirements of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act.
18 January 2018

First payment of the supplement for the purchase of school supplies​

Families who receive child assistance payments will receive $100 per child aged 4 to 16 for the supplement for the purchase of school supplies for the 2017-2018 school year. The payment will be made:

  • on 26 January 2018 to families signed up for direct deposit
  • within a few weeks following that date to families who receive their payments by cheque.
18 January 2018

​2017 income tax slips

If you are receiving a retirement pension, disability benefits or survivors' benefits under the Québec Pension Plan, or benefits under a public-sector pension plan (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.), you will receive a tax slip by the end of February. The slip provides information you will need for your income tax return, including the amount you received in 2017.

Note that beneficiaries do not necessarily receive their slips on the same day, including those who live at the same address.

18 January 2018

Retraite Québec’s 2018 Action Plan

The Plan d'action 2018 (Action plan for 2018; French only) outlines the steps that we will put in place during the year to achieve the objectives in our Plan stratégique 2017-2019 (2017-2019 Strategic plan; French only).

10 January 2018
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