Use of online services

Access to some of our services requires a clicSÉQUR account, the Gouvernement du Québec's identity authentification service. Those are the personalized services. You can read on-screen confidential information contained in your file. The non-personalized services do not require a clicSÉQUR account because none of your personal information will be shown on-screen when the page opens.

For example, in the personalized online Change of Address service, you immediately see on-screen the address recorded in your file. You only have to give your new address if the one we have on file is not correct. For non-personalized services, no address will appear on-screen when the page opens.

By "personalized services" we mean all the services that require a clicSÉQUR account, the Gouvernement du Québec's identity authentification service.

The services are:

* These services are also available as a non-personalized services (which do not require a clicSÉQUR account).

Yes, if the service is a non-personalized service (no clicSÉQUR account required). Simply enter your name and address at the appropriate place so that we can contact you, if necessary.

Yes. In each service, at any time, you can click on online help, which is in a frequently asked questions format.

Yes. You can print the confirmation that is shown on-screen once your application has been sent. It contains all the information that you have sent us.

Change the configuration of your Web browser by reducing the margins to the minimum. If necessary, use the Help function of your Web browser.

Once you send your request or application, a confirmation that we have indeed received it will be shown on-screen. It contains all the information that you sent us. We suggest that you print it and keep it in your files.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, the session closes automatically. Your session is considered inactive when you stop filling out your application or request without leaving the service or without closing the Web browser windows.

You must follow certain security measures, such as closing all the open windows of your Web browser at the end of the session and erasing your computer's memory cache.

If time allows, finish your application or request and send it. If the service offers a "save" function, check the appropriate box and leave the service before the time indicated. Your information will be saved and you will be able to come back later and continue.

Unless otherwise indicated, a service interruption lasts no more than an hour.

You can receive an email from us if:

  • you are signed up for (INFO.RQ) or our magazine (MAG.RQ)
  • you contacted us by email using the How to reach us button
  • you indicated your email address in an online service to get a follow-up on your application or request.

If you need send Retraite Québec a form, documentary proof, a medical report or any other document required to process your application, use the Sending a document online service.

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