Are you saving enough?
What are your
retirement projects?

You have already started saving, but knowing that people live longer and in better health than ever before, will you have enough money to take advantage of all your years of retirement? Whether you want to travel around the world, grow a vegetable garden or go back to university, you must have the retirement income needed to fulfill your dreams. That is why you need to plan for your retirement.

How much do you need to save?

As a rule, we recommend setting 10% of your net annual income aside for retirement. Of course, there are exceptions. The percentage of your income you need to save depends on when you start saving. It could also vary based on different circumstances that can affect your retirement income, such as the rate of return on investments.

Knowing that life expectancy at birth is 85 for women and 81 for men, the length of your retirement is a determining factor in calculating your income. If you expect your retirement to last 20 years, your personal savings, along with your public-sector benefits (Québec Pension Plan and Old Age Security) should be enough. It is therefore very important to set financial goals in order to make sure you maintain your desired standard of living.

Did you know?

Talk to a financial planner

Did you know that people who have a financial planner have 69% more financial assets than those earning a comparable salary who do not have a financial planner?See note 1.

Your financial planner can help you adjust your retirement project, for example:

  • by helping you set financial goals for retirement;
  • by suggesting savings and payout strategies to help you plan your income after you have retired.
Financial planners  This link will open in a new window.

Saving more doesn't have to be painful

To learn more about daily savings, read the publication entitled Guide des 99 trucs pour économiser sans trop se priver This link will open in a new window. (French only). It is packed with ideas for saving and setting more aside for retirement.

By setting goals and using direct debit payments, saving becomes a walk in the park.

Financial planning tools

Choose one of our tools to plan for your retirement or simulate your retirement income.

  1. All things being equal, people who have had a financial planner for at least four years have at least 69% more financial assets than those who have not. Households that have had a financial planner for 15 years or more can have up to 290% more in assets than those that have not.