Retirement is like any project, it requires planning

It's never too early
to plan for retirement

The important thing is to start now.

The important thing is to start now.

When you retire, benefits under public pension plans, such as the Québec Pension Plan, or the Old Age Security program will replace only a portion of your income. You need to take the necessary measures–be it through personal savings, group savings, a workplace pension plan, or all three–to make up the difference and ensure that your standard of living meets your financial needs.

Where to start

If you haven't started thinking about retirement yet, here are a few easy steps.

Are you saving enough?

If you have already started saving, good for you! Find out whether you have enough savings to achieve your retirement goals.

Calculate how much savings you will need for retirement with SimulR

Simulate your retirement income with our simplified tool to find out in just a few clicks how much you need to save each week to make your retirement dreams come true.