Where to start
Consider your retirement
a life project

Does thinking about retirement make you anxious? Consider it a life project, like buying a house or a car, going on a trip or going back to school.

Knowing that people live longer and in better health than ever before, how do you see yourself spending your retirement? Working part-time? Working at another job? Leaving the labour market definitively to live out your dreams?

Whether you want to travel around the world, grow a vegetable garden or go back to university, plan your retirement project to make sure that you have the income needed to fulfill your dreams.

Take charge of your project

When you retire, benefits under public pension plans, such as the Québec Pension Plan, or the Old Age Security program will replace only a portion of your income and may not be enough for the retirement of your dreams. If you want your plans in retirement to become a reality, you need to start saving now.


  • By making regular payments into a savings vehicle like an RRSP or a TFSA
  • By investing in real estate or making other investments
  • By joining an employer pension plan, like a VRSP

As a rule, we recommend setting 10% of your net annual income aside for retirement. Of course, there are exceptions. The percentage of your income you need to save depends on when you start saving. It could also vary based on different risk factors that can affect your retirement income, such as the rate of return on investments.

By setting goals and using direct debit payments, saving becomes a walk in the park.

Plan for retirement

Did you know?

Talk to a financial planner about your retirement.

What's stopping you? Most financial institutions offer this service free of charge.

Now's the time

The following are a few examples of easy ways to save every day.

If you replaceWithWeekly savings
Your daily cup of coffee at the caféA cup of coffee from home in a thermos $10
Two lunches outTwo lunches from home $22
One dinner outDinner with friends at home $30
Weekly savings $62
Monthly savings $248
Annual savings $3,224

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Financial planning tools

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