Retirement is like any project: It requires planning

Where to start

Are you saving enough?

Talk to a financial planner

What's stopping you? Most financial institution offer this service free of charge. You could receive advice on how to plan your retirement project according to your needs and financial resources.

Your financial planner This link will open in a new window. can help you adjust your retirement project, for example:

  • by helping you set financial goals for retirement;
  • by suggesting savings and payout strategies to help you plan your income after you have retired.
  • by assessing the risk factors that will affect your retirement income, such as inflation, life expectancy, and the rate of return on your investments and their liquidity.

Planning tools

Calculate how much savings you will need for retirement with SimulR

Simulate your retirement income with our simplified tool to find out in just a few clicks how much you need to save each week to make your retirement dreams come true.