Statement of Deposits

Presentation of the Statement of Deposits

The Statement of Deposits is prepared at the beginning of each year. It details the amounts deposited in your bank account during the preceding year as well as the first monthly payment of the current year, if applicable.

If changes are applied to your payments or deductions (change in an amount, new payment or deduction) in a month, they are detailed. If there is no change from the previous month, only the total amount of the direct deposit is entered.

Note that the Statement of Deposits includes only direct deposit payments. If there was a payment by cheque, it will not appear. In addition, the document does not take into account refunds made to Retraite Québec. To this effect, it does not represent a statement of account.

Availability of the Statement of Deposits

You can consult your Statement of Deposits for 2022 digitally in My Account. You can download and print it. As of March 2023, the breakdown of your monthly payments will be updated each month in your digital file. That information will replace the Statement of Deposits you received once a year.

Example of the Statement of Deposits

You can view an example of the document. You can click on the terms in blue to obtain additional information.


Other document sent to beneficiaries of public-sector pension plans

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