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Régime de rentes du Québec

Beneficiary’s Bulletin

Your pensions will increase

Each year, pensions under the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) are indexed based on the cost of living. In January 2022, they increased by 2.7%.

Payment dates

Retirement, surviving spouse's and disability pension beneficiaries receive their monthly payment on the last working day of the month. See our calendar to find out the payment dates of the various benefits. For the amount and date of your next payment, see your personalized My Account digital space.

Reminders and tips for beneficiaries

Income tax deductions

Retirement pensions and other pensions under the QPP are taxable. You can request source deductions to pay all or part of the income tax payable to Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency. You can set the amount of those deductions.

If you and your spouse are both at least 60 years of age, you can also reduce your income tax by sharing your retirement pension under the QPP.

Your disability pension

If you are receiving a disability pension under the QPP and you return to work, contact us immediately. We will determine whether you are still entitled to receive the benefit based on the criteria set out in the. That way, you can avoid having to repay amounts to which you arewere not entitled. To find out more, see the eligibility requirements for a disability pension under the QPP.

Your retirement and disability pension

If you are under age 65, receiving a retirement pension under the QPP and become disabled, you could be entitled to disability benefits under the QPP. For more information, visit the Disability section on our website.

Your surviving spouse's pension

If you are under age 45 and no longer have any dependent children under age 18, be sure to inform us if you are receiving a surviving spouse's pension. That way, you will avoid having to repay overpayments. Your surviving spouse's pension will generally be reduced.

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