Payment Dates

Are you receiving a pension or benefits paid by Retraite Québec? Would you like to know when upcoming payments will be made? Choose a program to consult one of our general payment calendars or visit My Account to see the your paid or estimated amounts.

Your pension will generally be paid on the last working day of the month.

Payment dates in 2023
31 January 202331 July 2023
28 February 202331 August 2023
31 March 202329 September 2023
28 April 202331 October 2023
31 May 202330 November 2023
29 June 202328 December 2023

If you opted for direct deposit, your public-sector retirement pension will be paid on the 15th of each month for the rest of your life. If the 15th falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, your pension will be paid on the preceding business day.  If you opted for payment by cheque, the cheque will be issued no later than 48 hours before that date.

Payment dates in 2023
13 January 202314 July 2023
15 February 202315 August 2023
15 March 202315 September 2023
14 April 202313 October 2023
15 May 202315 November 2023
15 June 202315 December 2023

Retraite Québec pays the following benefits 4 times a year:

  • Family Allowance
  • Supplement for Handicapped Children
  • Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care
Quarterly payment dates in 2023
January (includes January, February and March)4 January 2023
April (includes April, May and June)3 April 2023
July (includes July, August and September)4 July 2023
October (includes October, November and December)3 October 2023

If you wish to receive your payments on a monthly basis, you must file the Change in Frequency of Family Allowance form.

Monthly payment dates in 2023
4 January 20234 July 2023
1 February 20231 August 2023
1 March 20231 September 2023
3 April 20233 October 2023
1 May 20231 November 2023
1 June 20231 December 2023

The Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies is paid once a year, in July.

Date of annual payment 2023
2023-2024 school year4 July 2023

Sign up for direct deposit to receive your payments in your bank account.

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