Planning tools and information sessions

Information and retirement planning sessions

Tools for financial planning for retirement
SimulRAn interactive tool which lets you simulate your retirement income
CompuPensionA personalized tool that gives you a complete picture of your financial situation in retirement and your possible sources of income (clicSÉQUR account required)
Guide to Financial Planning for RetirementA comprehensive, downloadable guide to financial planning published by Question Retraite This will open a new window..
Flash Retirement capsules

Our 52 information capsules on financial planning for retirement

Québec Pension Plan
Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension PlanA statement which shows your employment earnings, and an estimate of the benefits you or your family could receive when you retire, when you die, or if you become disabled
Public-sector pension plans (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.)
Buy-Back Cost Estimator (RREGOP and PPMP)A tool that allows you to calculate the cost of a buy-back of service
Pension Estimator (RREGOP or PPMP)A tool that allows you to calculate the amount of the retirement pension you could be entitled when you retire
Statement of Participation in a Public-Sector Pension Plan (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.)A statement describing your participation as at 31 December of the year covered by the statement and informing you of the benefits you will receive when you retire or stop working
Statement of Contributions to a Public-Sector Pension Plan (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.)A statement showing your contributions to your plan. The information is sent to us by your employer (or employers) each year
Calculators (VRSP, LIF)
LIF Quick Calc This tool allows you to find the amount of life income and temporary income you could draw from your life income fund (LIF). By doing so, you can evaluate the best withdrawal options based on your age
VRSP CalculatorAllows you to calculate the savings you have accumulated in your voluntary retirement savings plan
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