Supplemental Pension Plans

The Pension Plan Administrator’s Representative

This pamphlet regarding the pension plan administrator's representative answers the following questions: Who is it? What is his or her role? What information about the representative is available online? What must be done in the event of a change concerning the representative?

Last update: March 2019.

Checklist to Improve Supplemental Pension Plan Governance

This checklist aims to improve the supplemental pension plan governance. It describes the main errors that Retraite Québec has observed, for example, during the inspections carried out for those plans. In addition, it specifies the best practices and legal obligations that must be followed for each point.

Last update: September 2021.

This PDF document may contain barriers to accessibility. You can obtain assistance by calling us.

Are you familiar with LIRAs and LIFs?

This folder provides information about locked-in retirement accounts (LIRAs) and life income funds (LIFs) and answers frequently asked questions about them.

Last update: December 2018.
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