Note: Outdated issues of the Newsletter are no longer available.

Newsletter number 33 (April 2021) ​

Amendments to the Supplemental Pension Plans Act that came into force on 11 December 2020.

Last update: April 2021.

Newsletter number 32 (February 2018)

Amendments to the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans effective 4 January 2018.

Last update: February 2018.

Newsletter number 31 (April 2016)

Amendments to the Supplemental Pension Plans Act effective 1 January 2016

This Newsletter provides information on the additional pension benefit, for which a transitional measure came into effect on 4 January 2018. The measure is described in Newsletter number 32 This link will open in a new window..

Last update: April 2016.

Newsletter number 30 (February 2013)

Devoirs de l'établissement financier qui administre un régime de retraite simplifié

(The duties of a financial institution that administers a simplified pension plan; French only)

Last update: February 2013.

Newsletter number 29 (February 2013)

Amendments Reducing Benefits Retroactively

Last update: February 2013.

Newsletter number 28 (August 2012)

Rules regarding the payment of contributions into the pension fund

On page 5 of this document, the secured claims correspond to "top-priority claims". Regarding unsecured claims from defined-benefit pension plans, they become "top-priority" for:

  • new plans set up as of 27 April 2023;
  • plans in place as at 27 April 2023, that is, as of 27 April 2027.

The Pension Protection Act This link will open in a new window. grants "top-priority" to claims regarding employer amortization payments and the debt (deficit) of a defined-benefit pension plan. However, the "top-priority" of claims related to employer amortization payments and the debt (deficit) would not apply to the following plans:

  • member-funded pension plans (MFPP);
  • multi-employer negotiated-contributed pension plans;
  • target-benefit pension plans.

For more information on bankruptcy or insolvency, contact the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy This link will open in a new window..

Last update: August 2012.

Newsletter number 27 (February 2011)

Converting defined benefit provisions into defined contribution provisions

Last update: February 2011.

Newsletter number 24 (March 2009)

Phased retirement and other end-of-career labour retention measures

Last update: March 2009.

Newsletter number 23 (May 2008)

The Member-Funded Pension Plan

Last update: May 2008.

Newsletter number 22 (December 2007)

Internal by-laws

Last update: December 2007.

Newsletter number 21 (June 2007)

New pension plan administration measures enacted in 2006

Last update: June 2007.

Newsletter number 17 (June 2004)

Instructions Concerning the Conversion of a Defined Contribution Pension Plan into a Simplified Pension Plan

This document contains 2 forms, which you can print out and complete. If you would rather complete them on-screen, use the links below:

Form I - Application to obtain confirmation to use the conversion procedure PDF (75k) This link will open in a new window.

Form II - Confirmation of the conversion and payment of members and beneficiaries benefits PDF (53k) This link will open in a new window.

Last update: June 2004.

Newsletter number 16 (December 2001)

Additional pension benefits

The information found in the Additional pension benefit and partial payments subsection completes this document.

Last update: December 2001.
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