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You are a Member of a Public-Sector Pension Plan (RREGOPPPMP, etc.)

Membership in a public-sector pension plan is an integral part of the working conditions of persons employed in the public sector (public service, education, health and social services sector). Retraite Québec administers those plans.

If you hold a position in one of those sectors, you will contribute to a pension plan until you have accrued the maximum years of service or you have reached the maximum age. These times are defined in each plan's provisions.

The data provided by your employer is used for the production of your Statement of Participation, which provides a detailed picture of your situation. For each year of membership (from 1 January to 31 December), your Statement shows the benefits you would receive if you retired or if your employment ended. It is the best tool not only for planning your retirement, but also for finding out about your rights and benefits, such as the days of absence that can be bought back.

The participation data for all the years during which you were a member of a public-sector pension plan are available in the Statement of Contributions.

Membership in a former supplemental pension plan

Before their employers were covered by RREGOP or the PPMP, certain persons in the health and social services and education sectors were members of various pension plans. The plans, also called supplemental pension plans (SPP), were not administered by Retraite Québec, but by insurance companies.

If your SPP contract did not provide for a transfer of funds, the insurance company still holds the contributions you and your employer paid into the plan. Upon request, the insurance company will pay you a pension in accordance with the provisions of your contract, probably when you turn 65. This is what we call a paid-up annuity.

However, if the funds were transferred to Retraite Québec, you have accrued what is called an SPP pension credit. This means that an amount will be added to the pension you will receive under your pension plan.

During your career, certain events could have an impact on your membership under a pension plan:

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