Statement of Contributions to a Public-Sector Pension Plan


The Statement of Contributions is a personalized document containing the summary of your participation in a public-sector pension plan.

The Statement contains all of your pension plan participation data, which we receive every year from your employer(s). It allows you to keep track of your data from year to year.

If you wish to better plan for your retirement, use this document and your Statement of Participation, which is available at any time in My Account. You can also file an Application for a Pension Estimate 4 to 24 months before asking for your retirement pension.

Why and when should you request a Statement of Contributions in your pension plan?

You can request a Statement of Contributions if:

  • You requested a buy-back or a transfer and you want to check an element pertaining to one of them.
  • You initiated a request with the Ministère de la Cybersécurité et du Numérique (MCN) in order to establish the amount of a buy-back or retirement pension, and that organization has requested your Statement.
  • You are starting the financial planning of your retirement. Your advisor, financial planner or a person working in your human resources department could ask you to provide your Statement in order to create various retirement pension scenarios from the overview of your participation in your pension plan. Your new Statement of Participation can also help you plan your retirement, because it now includes the days of absence that you can buy back under a public-sector pension plan.
  • You wish to use our Pension Estimator This link will open in a new window. tool but you do not have your Statement of Participation on hand.
  • You wish to validate your participation data.

How to receive it?

You must file an application by completing the Application for Statement of Contributions (form 008A) and sending it online or by calling us by telephone.

Access My Account now and choose the 100% digital option. You will not miss anything thanks to notifications, which you will receive as soon as your Statement of Benefits is uploaded to your digital file.

Example of a statement

If you wish to view a statement, consult the example. Yours could be different. You can click on the expressions in blue for more information.


Part Events after 31 December 20XX

If you requested a buy-back of service or a transfer following after the last year described in the statement, the information regarding that buy-back or transfer will be compiled in the Events After 31 December 20XX section.

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