Planning Your Retirement

If you are a member of a public-sector pension plan, you already have a headstart. However, it is essential you learn more on retirement, and you take the right action at the right time.

Your approach to planning your retirement should be the same way as when you plan all your other life projects, such as your plans to study, travel, buy a home or purchase a car. Your retirement goals will see full fruition if they are in line with your needs. You must assess, plan, calculate and you save accordingly.

Jump start your retirement planning!

Throughout your career
  • Consult the various sources of information available:
    • Find out how to plan your retirement in 5 easy steps.
    • Learn more about the Québec Pension Plan.
    • To maintain your standard of living in retirement, it may be necessary to round out your income with other supplemental pension plans or your personal savings.
    • Consult your statements of participation, simple and personalized tools to plan your retirement!
    • Consult the brochure Destination Retirement. It provides a wealth of information that can guide you throughout your career. It touches on situations that may have an effect on your public-sector retirement pension: buy-backs, the breakdown of a union, disability, preventative withdrawal and termination of employment.
    • Consult the various documents regarding public-sector pension plans (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.) as well as those regarding life events (breakdown of a union, death, etc.). The information they contain could lead you to take actions that may affect the amount of your public-sector pension plan or even, in certain cases, the date on which you could retire.
    • Sign up for INFO.RQ and MAG.RQ as well as our blog This link will open in a new window. to receive information and news on Retraite Québec and its programs.
  • Take part in an information session planned in collaboration with your employer and Retraite Québec:
  • Plan for your retirement and determine how much you need to save with our retirement income simulation tools.
 In the leadup to your retirement
  • Learn about sources of income at retirement:

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    Sign up for our Retirement Planning Information Session (RPIS)

    The sessions are for all members of public-sector pension plans who plan to retire within the next five years. The RPIS provides a wealth of useful information concerning public-sector pension plans, and the Québec Pension Plan. It also provides information on certain legal, psychosocial, financial and other aspects of retirement. This information will help you make informed decisions.

  • Simulate your retirement income with the help of our online tools:

    • For a personalized picture of your retirement income, use SimulR or CompuPension.
    • For more information on the personalized documents provided by Retraite Québec to help you plan your retirement.
    • Use our Pension Estimator This link will open in a new window. to find out how much you could receive under the RREGOP or the PPMP.


    • For an estimate of your public-sector retirement pension (the RREGOP or the PPMP), complete an Application for a Pension Estimate This link will open in a new window. form (RSP-009A) 4 to 24 months before you intend to retire.
    • You can also use our Buy-Back Cost Estimator This link will open in a new window. tool to assess how a buy-back of your days of absence will affect your pension and the date on which you retire.

You have made your decision! You are ready to move forward with your retirement project. To find out how to receive your retirement pension, consult the information related to the pension for which you want to apply:

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