Application for a Retirement Pension Under a Public-Sector Pension Plan

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Pension application

90 days before the month of your retirement

Once you have decided to retire and you have made an agreement with your employer concerning the date on which you will stop working, you must:

  • Submitting a retirement pension application

    Complete the Application for a Retirement Pension Under a Public-Sector Pension Plan online.

    Log in to My Account to track your application and consult your documents whenever it is convenient for you. 

    You can also update your communication preferences in order to receive your documents digitally only and to receive notifications during the various stages of your application's progress, as well as when a document has been uploaded to your personalized file. 

    For help filing your application, you can contact the pension plan administrator at your current workplace. You can also contact Retraite Québec.

  • Respecting the recommended time limit

    Retraite Québec must receive your application form at least 90 days before the first day of the month of your retirement in order for you to receive confirmation of your pension and ensure it is paid as of the date you have chosen.

    For example, if you stop working in December, we should receive your application 90 days before December 1 (in other words, by September 1 at the latest).

    On your termination date, you must have stopped holding all your positions covered by the plan or plans to be eligible for your retirement benefits. Before filing your application, you must have agreed on a termination date with your employer or employers. The employment ties are terminated following:

    • a resignation;
    • a dismissal;
    • the end of an employment contract;
    • the expiration of the recall list on which your name appears, in accordance with the provisions of your collective agreement or working conditions.

    Please note that we will contact your employer (or employers) to validate the date of your retirement and obtain information required to process your application.

  • Retirement and buy-backs

    To optimize your retirement planning, we recommend you talk to your employer about the possibility of enclosing an application for a buy-back with your application. Note that once you have retired, you will no longer be able to apply for buy-backs.

    Our Buy-Back Cost Estimator This link will open in a new window. calculation tool allows you to assess how buying back your days of absence will affect your pension or the date on which you retire.

    To apply for a buy-back, you must send one of the following two forms to Retraite Québec, or both according to your situation, along with the required supporting documents, if any:

    For more information, consult the Buy-Backs webpage.

  • Cancelling your application

    You can cancel your retirement pension application as long as the first payment following confirmation of your preliminary pension has not been cashed or deposited.

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