Confirmation and Payment of Your Increased Pension

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    Confirmation and payment of your preliminary retirement pension

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    Confirmation et payment of your increased retirement pension

At this stage, you have received a preliminary pension and Retraite Québec and your employer (or employers) are communicating so that we can obtain your latest participation data and confirm to you quickly the increased amount of your retirement pension. At that time, you will receive a letter confirming your retirement pension, which is also available in My Account, and informing you of the amount of your pension and the first payment date. A copy of the brochure Guide for New Beneficiaries RREGOP and PPMP will be enclosed with the letter. The letter also provides general information about certain events or situations that could occur once payment of your pension has begun, such as:

Income tax deductions

The following subjects are related to the income tax withdrawn from retirement pensions. You have to choose the one related to you in order to use the right forms and know how to fill them out. The information presented will help you with the process.

Potential adjustments to your pension

After you have received payment of your pension, it may be adjusted due to changes to your participation data, for example after payment of a retroactive amount. In accordance with the provisions of your public-sector pension plan, all files can be submitted for pension revision up to 3 years after the date on which you stop working. However, there is no time limit for reviewing the increased amount of your pension and paying you any retroactive amounts owing.

Payment of retroactive amounts after the signing of a collective agreement

Advance of funds

If Retraite Québec is unable to analyze your file within the time prescribed, you could receive an advance of funds to ensure you continue to have income. If necessary, the advance of funds may be paid before the first payment of the preliminary pension. It will be paid on the 15th of the month following the month of your retirement if your retirement pension application was received at least 20 days before the date of your retirement.

An advance of funds will mainly be sent in the following situations:

  • Your application was received before the processing deadline outlined in our Service Statement.
  • Your application is missing information.
  • An Application for Buy-Back is being processed.
  • Buy-back is being paid.
  • We are confirming certain information with your employer.
  • You requested a list of ways to offset the reduction in your pension due to early retirement.
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