Confirmation and Payment of Your Preliminary Pension

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When Retraite Québec receives your retirement pension application, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt informing you that your application is being processed. Make the steps you take easier and save time by consulting the acknowledgment of receipt in My Account. If you chose to receive notifications, you will receive a notice by email and/or text message informing you that it has been uploaded to your file.

After the processing of your application has begun, and as soon as Retraite Québec obtains from your employer (or employers) confirmation of the date on which you will stop working, we will send you a reply form entitledYour Options, which is also uploaded to your file, and which describes the benefits to which you are entitled on the basis of the information in your file. You can therefore file it and track your application in your digital file. It is important to read the options carefully before sending us your decision. A financial planner can help you make a choice.

You must return the reply form to us within 30 days. You can also do it online to be faster. After that time period, option A on the reply form will be used to determine the amount of your pension. We will continue to process your application once we receive your reply form or the deadline has expired.

As soon as your reply form is received, Retraite Québec will confirm your entitlement to a retirement pension and pay you a preliminary pension. That pension does not take into consideration your latest participation data. The confirmation will also be available in My Account and you will receive a notice by email and/or text message informing you that it has been uploaded to your personal file, if you chose to receive notifications.

If you have any questions regarding your reply form or preliminary pension, do not hesitate to contact Retraite Québec.

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