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Bureau aux plaintes et à l'amélioration des services

Despite all of our efforts to ensure that our clients receive quality services, a person may feel that his or her rights have been infringed. In order to deal with such cases, our Bureau aux plaintes et à l'amélioration des services is mandated to receive complaints from our various clients.


If you wish to contest a decision we rendered in your regard, you may apply to the reexamination office, within the prescribed time limit, for reexamination.


Any member of a pension plan or any pensioner may avail him or herself of the right to reexamination to contest a decision we rendered regarding:

  • eligibility for a public sector pension plan we administer;
  • number of years of service or of contributory periods credited;
  • pensionable salary;
  • amount of contributions;
  • amount of the public sector retirement pension;
  • any benefits, advantages or refund provided by the plan.

The application for reexamination may also be filed by an authorized representative (a spouse, a child, an attorney or a union representative).

Time period

The application for reexamination must be received by the Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage within 12 months following the date of transmission of our decision.

Procedure for filing an application for reexamination

You must complete and sign the form Application for Reexamination (RSP-083). It is important to enclose the contested decision and specify why you do not agree with our decision.

The reexamination committees' function

An application filed with the reexamination office is submitted to a reexamination committee made up of two government representatives and two representatives for the members and beneficiaries of public sector pension plans. The committee is tasked with studying the case that was the subject of the contested decision in light of the facts and legislation as they stood on the day the initial application was made, while taking into account the arguments and additional documents supplied to reexamination.

A person applying for reexamination cannot attend the reexamination committee's session.

Different reexamination committees have been set up to analyze applications from:

  • personnel in the education sector;
  • personnel in the health and social services sector;
  • personnel in the public sector;
  • management personnel;
  • peace officers in correctional services;
  • members of the Sûreté du Québec;
  • elected municipal officers.


Following the reunion, the members' decision is sent to the person who applied and who can, within the following 90 days, file for arbitration.

If the reexamination committee members cannot come to a decision because of a tied-vote, our initial decision will be maintained and the application for reexamination will then be referred to arbitration.

Reexamination office contact information

By mail

Greffe du réexamen - Retraite Québec
Case postale 5500, Succursale Terminus
Québec (Québec)  G1K 0G9

By telephone

  • 418 646-8793 or toll free 1 866 239-2985
    extension 2518

By fax

  • 418 644-8659


If you feel that your rights were not recognized by the reexamination committee, you may appeal the decision by applying to the Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage des régimes de retraite publics et parapublics within the prescribed time limit.


Anyone who is not satisfied with a decision made by a reexamination committee and who believes his or her rights have been infringed may apply for arbitration to the Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage des régimes de retraite publics et parapublics.

However, this recourse is not available to members of the Sûreté du Québec, who must apply to the Association des policières et policiers provinciaux du Québec This link will open in a new window. (APPQ).

Time period

The application for arbitration must be received by the Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage within 90 days following the date of transmission of the reexamination committee's resolution.


When a resolution is mailed, the form Application for Arbitration (RSP-084) is sent to the person who applies for reexamination. Anyone who wants to file an application for arbitration can complete the enclosed form and indicate why he or she does not agree with the reexamination committee's decision. The person can also attach any additional document he or she thinks will be acceptable as proof.

Representation at the hearing

A person who has applied for arbitration may attend the hearing but it is not an obligation.

The person may also be represented by his or her association, union or attorney of choice but, in this last case, he or she must assume the cost.

In addition, during the hearing, the person has the possibility to present witnesses.

Decisions rendered in arbitration

All of the decisions rendered in arbitration since January 2009 are available free of charge on the Société québécoise d'information juridique (SOQUIJ) website at: This link will open in a new window..

The Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage provides full texts and summaries of the decisions rendered since 1977 by arbitrators from arbitration tribunals, following appeals lodged by members of the public sector pension plans we administer.

For information on the costs and subscription terms, you can contact the Greffe This link will open in a new window..

Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage contact information

By mail

Greffe des tribunaux d'arbitrage des régimes de retraite publics et parapublics
1035, rue de la Chevrotière, 1er étage, bureau 120
Québec (Québec)  G1R 5A5

By telephone

  • 418 643-4758, poste 2937

By fax

  • 418 646-6848
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