Participation in a pension plan

For more information on your participation in your public-sector pension plan, consult your personalized Statement of Participation with My Account. This simple tool helps you plan your retirement.

Your Statement summarizes your public-sector pension plan participation using the most recent participation data provided by your employer. The data provided is for the period until 31 December of the year indicated on your Statement. In addition, it shows you the benefits to which you could be entitled when you retire or your employment ends.

Your Statement also informs you of your rights and benefits regarding your participation in a public-sector pension plan, such as the days of absence that you can buy back. That information makes it possible for you to assess how a buy-back of your days of absence will affect your pension and when you retire using the Buy-Back Cost Estimator This link will open in a new window. tool.

You will need your statement:

You must inform your employer, who will contact us to have it corrected.

The Statement of Contributions provides the history of your participation data. To receive it, you must complete the Application for Statement of Contributions This link will open in a new window. (008A) form and send it to us.

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