Returning to work

The rules for returning to work vary according to the pension plan under which you receive your pension (RREGOP, the PPMP, the TPP or the CSSP). Here is an overview of those rules.

If you receive a pension under RREGOP, the TPP or the CSSP

Going back to work either in the public, parapublic or private sector will not affect your public-sector retirement pension. You will receive both your full pension and your salary. However, note that even if your work is covered under a public-sector pension plan we administer, you will not participate in it.

If you receive a pension under the PPMP

Returning to work in the Québec public-service sector, the education sector, the health and social services sectors, whether on a full-time or a part-time basis or as a casual employee, could have an impact on the public-sector retirement pension you will be receiving.

Therefore, before you decide to return to work, we strongly recommend that you contact us or your potential employer to get all the necessary information about the possible consequences.

Note that if you go back to work in the private sector, or if your employer is not covered by RREGOP, the PPMP or the PPPOCS, it will not affect the public-sector retirement pension you receive from us.

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