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Our publication: Administering a pension plan well



The pension committee is encouraged to answer each of the following questions. If you answer "No" to any of the questions, you should take the necessary measures to correct the situation.

1.Is the pension committee made up of at least 3 voting members as mentioned in Section 1.1, Designation of voting members?
2.Is the committee's composition in line with the specifications set out in the plan text?
3.When a member of the pension committee resigns, is a notice to this effect mentioning the reason for the resignation sent to the pension committee and Retraite Québec?
4.Has the pension committee established internal bylaws and does it revise them as needed?
5.Does the committee keep an up-to-date register of interests?
6.Does each of the pension committee's members act in the interest of all plan members and beneficiaries?
7.Is the frequency of pension committee meetings specified in the bylaws respected, and does it meet the committee's needs?
8.Are there minutes for each of the committee's meetings? If so, are they sufficiently detailed?
9.Is training provided for committee members?
10.Do all committee members have access to the documents and information they need to administer the pension plan, including the plan text and the internal bylaws?
11.Is there a pension plan document retention policy?