MAG Retraite Québec June 2022 Issue

A strong partnership with employers for the benefit of members in public-sector pension plans

Retraite Québec administers public‑sector pension plans that are entrusted to it by the Gouvernement du Québec, the Office of the National Assembly or under the Act. We also ensure that you benefit, as members of these plans, from advantages to which you are entitled. To do so, we are often in contact with employers.

We receive important information regarding you from them, through their annual information return. For example, they must declare the contributions they deduct from your salary. They must also send information regarding changes that could occur during your career, such as a change in employers, a promotion, maternity leave, a disability or retirement. This declaration is essential. It is used for the calculation of various benefits that are paid to you and for the production of your Statement of Participation. It is an essential financial planning tool used to estimate the income you will receive when you retire. In addition, employers accompany you for certain applications regarding pension plans.

The employer: an essential partner for Retraite Québec

After listening to employers' needs and expectations, we adopted an employer partnership strategy (French only) aiming to reinforce our relationship with them and to make their work easier, for example, by simplifying the process for applications for buy-backs.

The results from this partnership are beneficial to you. They translate into simplified procedures and shorter processing times for an application.

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