MAG Retraite Québec June 2022 Issue

A great career is waiting for you at Retraite Québec!

Retraite Québec aims to be the organization that sets the standard for retirement expertise and to be recognized for its performance, as well as for its first-rate client services and work environment. To do so, we can count on nearly 2200 employees with varied expertise and profiles.

At Retraite Québec, we are convinced that people are the engine of our success. Our employees' experience is a priority. It is important for us to offer our employees a healthy, stimulating and quality workplace where it is possible to take on a multitude of challenges, to excel and to evolve. We want our personnel to feel heard and considered, to understand the meaning of their actions and to share our goals.

Promoting health and well-being at work are an integral part of our organizational culture. Through each of our interventions, we nurture the ambition to be known as a reference in terms of a workplace of quality.

It is thanks to our competent, mobilized and efficient employees that we can carry out our mission and offer a service of quality to the public.

What if we told you that a career that meets your expectations is waiting for you?

This video is available in French only.


For more information: Choisir Retraite Québec (French only)

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