What's New in 2021

Publication of the Rapport annuel de gestion 2020 (2020 Annual management report; French only)

Retraite Québec has published its Rapport annuel de gestion 2020 (2020 Annual management report; French only). The report covers Retraite Québec's results regarding the objectives of the agency's Plan stratégique 2020-2023 (2020-2023 Strategic plan; French only), Plan d'action de développement durable 2017-2020 (2017-2020 Sustainable development action plan; French only) as well as its Service Statement.

The report also presents Retraite Québec's financial statements, as well as those of the Québec Pension Plan and public-sector pension plans (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.).

3 June 2021
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