Additional amount for disability under the Québec Pension Plan

Since 1 January 2024, the additional amount for disability is no longer paid to new beneficiaries. If you are already receiving it, you will continue to receive it until age 65.

Could you receive a disability pension?

Are you unable to do your usual work or are your employment earnings decreasing due to your state of health? You could be entitled to a disability pension. That is the case if you are under age 65, whether you receive a retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) or not.

Amount and payments

In 2024, the additional amount for disability is $583.29 per month. The amount is added to your retirement pension until you turn 65. The additional amount for disability and your retirement pension are indexed, therefore, they are adjusted to the cost of living each year in January. It is readjusted the year following the first payment.

If you are receiving the additional amount for disability, your children cannot receive a pension for a disabled contributor's child.

Taxable amount

The additional amount for disability is taxable. You must therefore pay income taxes. We will not automatically deduct taxes from that income. However, you can request source deductions.

At the beginning of each year, you receive a taxation slip to enclose with your income tax return. The slip indicates the amount of disability benefits that you received the previous year. The amount affects the calculation of the taxes, because it is added to your income. If you receive a retroactive payment, that is, for previous years, the payment and related interest are also taxable. Therefore, they are added to your income of the corresponding years.

End of payment of your additional amount for disability

Payment related to the additional amount for disability ends when you turn 65. It also ends if you are no longer disabled or if your employment earnings increase.

Your employment earnings increase or you are returning to work

The additional amount for disability could be affected if you return to work or if your employment earnings increase. You could no longer be entitled to it before age 65.

Your state of health is improving

You are no longer entitled to the additional amount for disability if you are nolonger disabled. Notify us of any change related to your state of health. That way, you can avoid having to repay amounts to which you were not entitled.

As of age 65

You will no longer automatically be entitled to the additional amount for disability when you turn 65. You will continue receiving your retirement pension. No action is required on your part.

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