What's New in 2022

Revenu Québec’s temporary easing measure

Revenu Québec has implemented relief measures concerning the remittance of unclaimed financial assets, including amounts payable under a supplemental pension plan. The measure allows plan administrators that did not remit amounts in accordance with the applicable legislation to remit them to Revenu Québec by having penalties that would otherwise be imposed, softened.

For more information regarding this exceptional and temporary measure and to find out the eligibility requirements for the measure, see Revenu Québec's New Incentive for the Remittance of Unclaimed Financial Assets This link will open in a new window..

For more information on the search for untraceable members or beneficiaries and on the remittance of unclaimed property to Revenu Québec, see the Obligations of the plan administrator with respect to untraceable members and beneficiaries section on our website.

23 June 2022
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