Person Representing the Pension Plan Administrator

The pension plan administrator's representative is the person designated by the plan administrator to represent it with Retraite Québec and with whom Retraite Québec communicates.

His or her name and mailing address are specified in the Pension plans supervised by Retraite Québec online service.

Role of the person representing the administrator

His or her role consists in:

  • receiving and forwarding the correspondence received by the plan to:
    • the plan administrator; if the administrator is a pension committee, the correspondence must be sent to each committee member;
    • the concerned service providers (actuary, accountant, securities custodian, etc.), if any;
  • following up on Retraite Québec's requests;
  • acting as a liaison between Retraite Québec, the plan administrator and service providers;
  • declaring that the plan administrator has read the information provided in the Annual Information Return (AIR) and certifying that it is true and complete;
  • sending the AIR to Retraite Québec via the SPP Portal online service.

Change regarding the person representing the administrator

If the change concerns:

  • his or her name or contact information (mailing address or email), the plan administrator must inform Retraite Québec in writing (through the SPP Portal's messaging service, by email or by mail);
  • his or her telephone number or title, the person representing the plan administrator can do it himself or herself using the SPP Portal.
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