Offering phased retirement

With waves of baby-boomers retiring, it is increasingly hard to find the workers you need. Many employers are already having trouble finding qualified staff, and this trend will worsen in coming years. Against this backdrop, keeping expertise and knowledge within your company is a major challenge.

Phased retirement is one solution

Giving experienced workers the option of phased retirement enables you to:

  • keep expertise within your company
  • ensure knowledge transfer
  • maintain profitability.

Your experienced workers will find that phased retirement allows them to:

  • make a smooth transition between work and retirement
  • combine employment earnings with a retirement income
  • continue to work while making use of their expertise.

Measures for balancing work and retirement

Choose from the measures offered under the:

You can also choose the workers to whom you offer phased retirement and its conditions.

Talk with a consultant to find out which measures suit your needs best.

SDid you know that...

Québec will face a shortfall of 363 000 workers by 2030. The impact of this labour shortage is already being felt in some sectors, according to a study by the Conference Board of Canada.

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