2024 Benefit amounts and key data

Family Allowance payment amounts vary from one family to another. The amount is indexed each year in January and recalculated in July based on:

  • the number of dependent children under age 18 who live with the beneficiary;
  • the number of children in shared custody;
  • the conjugal status (with or without a spouse);
  • family income, that is, the combined income of both spouses, if applicable.
Maximum and minimum yearly amounts – 2024
Indexation rate for benefits as at 1 January 20245.08%
Maximum amount
Per child$2923
Single-parent family+ $1026
Minimum amount
Per child$1163
Single-parent family+ $409
Yearly amount for the purchase of school supplies – 2024
Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies$121
Yearly amounts for a handicapped child – 2024
Supplement for Handicapped Children$2748
Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care 
Tier 1$13 896
Tier 2$9240

Understanding the indexation of prensions under the Québec Pensions Plan 

Basic information for 2024
Basic exemption$3500
Yearly maximum pensionable earnings, also called maximum pensionable earnings (MPE)$68 500
Additional maximum annual pensionable earnings, also called additional maximum pensionable earnings (YAMPE)$73 200

Contribution rate

Employers and workers each pay half of the contribution to the Plan. Self-employed workers pay both shares of the contribution, that is, the employer's share and the worker's share.

On earnings between $3500 and $68 500
Base plan10.8%
Additional plan2%
On earnings between $68 500 and $73 200
Additional plan8%
Maximum contribution for workers and employers
On $65 000 (earnings between $3500 and $68 500 [MPE])
Base plan (5.4%)$3510
Additional plan (1%)$650
On $4700 (earnings between $68 500 and $73 200 [YAMPE])
Additional plan (4%)$188
Maximum contribution for self-employed workers
On $65 000 (earnings between $3500 and $68 500 [MPE])
Base plan (10.8%)$7020
Additional plan (2%)$1300
On $4700 (earnings between $68 500 and $73 200 [YAMPE])
Additional plan (8%)$376
Indexation rate for benefits as at 1 January 20244.4%
Maximum amount for single payment
Maximum amount for death benefit$2500
Maximum monthly amounts

Pensions are calculated by using the average maximum pensionable earnings for the last five years. The amounts paid under the additional plan are included in the maximum amounts shown and were updated on 1 January 2024.

Retirement pension
At age 65 (100% of the maximum pension)$1364.60 See (Note 1)
At age 60 (64% of the maximum pension)$873.34
At age 72 (158.8% of the maximum pension)$2166.98
Disability benefits
Disability pension for persons aged 18 to 59$1606.75
Disability pension for persons aged 60 to 65$583.29
Additional amount for disability for beneficiaries of the retirement pension$583.29
Pension for a disabled contributor's child$93.39
Survivors' benefits
Orphan's pension$294.12

Surviving spouse's pension

It is the pension calculated for contributors who were not receiving a retirement pension.

Beneficiary under age 45, not disabled, without dependent children$668.91
Beneficiary under age 45, not disabled, with dependent children$1061.12
Beneficiary under age 45, disabled, with or without dependent children$1102.80
Beneficiary between ages 45 and 64$1102.80
Beneficiary age 65 or over$822.14
  1. Note 1 The maximum retirement pension at age 65 for the base plan is $1334.58. Back to reference

Key data for 2024
Rate of increase of the Pension Index
(This rate is used according to the indexation formula for each plan.)
Maximum pensionable earnings (MPE)$68 500
Basic exemption under the QPP$3500
Plan exemption (RREGOP, PPCT)$17 125 See (Note 1)
Plan exemption (PPMP, RPSO)$23 975
Reduction factor (RREGOP, PPCT)0.0156
Contribution rate:
RREGOP and PPCT (U See (Note 2))9.39%
PPCT (NU See (Note 3))8.39%
PPCJQ9% and 1% after 21.7 years
PPPOCS(QP See (Note 4))11.63% See (Note 5)
Maximum pensionable salary:
PPCJBJ$240 667
PPCJQ$259 144
PPMNA$206 286
PPPOCS$197 625
RPSO See (Note 7)$212 353
Interest rate (from 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2024) for the plan established based on rates of return:
Interest rate (from 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2024) administrative established based on an external rate2.84%
Maximum annual amount of a pension granting entitlement the payment of its actuarial value$2026
RRSP contribution ceiling$31 560
Maximum pension adjustment (PA)$31 890
Maximum defined benefits$3610
Buy-back ceiling for years prior to 1990$2406,66
  1. Note 1 No contributions are payable if the salary is $23 975  or less (35% of the MPE). Return to reference
  2. Note 2 U : unionized. Return to reference
  3. Note 3 NU : non-unionized. Return to reference
  4. Note 4 Person eligible for the PPPOCS whose employment is covered by the RREGOP or PPMPReturn to reference
  5. Note 5 The member contribution must correspond to the lesser of the following amounts: [pensionable earnings – the lesser amount between (pensionable salary x 25%) and (25% of the MPE x harmonized service)] x rate of contribution. Return to reference
  6. Note 6 The maximum pensionable salary for years subject to a rate of 1.6% is $255 594. Return to reference
  7. Note 7 The maximum pensionable salary used to limit the benefit for years subject to a rate of 2% is $180 500. Return to reference

Data for 2024
LIF reference rate for 20246%
Maximum pensionable earnings (MPE) See Note 1$68 500
Maximum temporary income (40% of MPE)$27 400
Maximum monthly temporary income under age 54$2283.33
  1. Note 1 Used to determine income or refunds.Back to reference

Data for 2024
Maximum pensionable earnings (MPE) See Note 1$68 500
  1. Note 1 Used to determine benefits or refunds. Back to reference
Required fees per member or beneficiary
As of 31 December 2023$12.25 per member or beneficiary
The fee schedule lists the fees for the annual information return and to register or terminate a pension plan.

Data for 2024
Default member contribution rate
(section 22 of the Regulation respecting voluntary retirement savings plans This link will open in a new window.)
4% of gross
Maximum pensionable earnings (MPE)See Note 1$68 500
  1. Note 1 Used to determine refunds.Back to reference
Required fees per member
Annual statement as at 31 December 2023
(section 11 of the Regulation respecting voluntary retirement savings plans This link will open in a new window.
$6.00 per member
Obligation of employers
By 31 December 2024

The employer must offer a VRSP or another plan allowed under the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan Act if it has:

  • 5 or more eligible employees on 31 December 2023, and
  • 10 or more eligible employees on 30 June 2024.

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