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Your 2024 Pension

Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan (RREGOP)

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The document Your 2024 Pension provides information about the indexation on the amounts of your pension for 2024 as well as the evolution of that pension. You are invited to read it carefully.

Indexation of your pension

Your pension is indexed on January 1 of each year according to the formula corresponding to your situation and the period during which your years of service were performed.

To assess the amount of your pension payable in 2024, we used the rate of increase of the Pension Index (PI). It is determined in accordance with the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan based on last year's consumer price index. The PI rate for 2024 will be 4.4%.

Partie de renteAnnual pension 2023 OperationRate applied OperationIndexationAnnual pension 2024

Portion of your pension indexed to the PI

(For years of service performed before July 1, 1982)

$10 000.00× 4.4%=$440.00 $10 440.00

Portion of your pension indexed according to the PI, minus 3%

(For years of service performed from July 1, 1982, to December 31, 1999)

$10 000.00×1.40%=$140.00 $10 140.00

Portion of your pension indexed according to the most profitable rate between 50% of the PI and the PI minus 3%

(For years of service performed since January 1, 2000)

$10 000.00×2.20%=$220.00 $10 220.00
Annual pension payable Display the contextual information on January 1, 2024

The payable annual pension represents the total of your pension paid in 2023 and the indexation amount, as in the following example: actual pension + indexation = payable annual pension $30 000.00 + $1 350.00 = $31 350.00. It is payable on January 1, 2024, or each year until coordination of your pension.

$30 000.00 + $800.00 = $30 800.00

Evolution of your pension

Starting on the first day of the month following your 65th birthday, the pension you receive from a public sector pension plan will be reduced to take into account the amount paid by the Québec Pension Plan (QPP), regardless of the time you start receiving your pension paid by the latter. This coordination between the two plans is due to the fact that, during your career, you did not pay contributions on part of your salary because, at the same time, you were contributing to the QPP and to your public sector pension plan.

Annual pension payable Display the contextual information
Starting on January 1, 2024 until May 31, 2025
$30 800.00
Starting on Display the contextual information

As provided for in your retirement pension, coordination of your pension is applied on the month following your 65th birthday, even if you apply for your QQP pension before of after that date.

June 1, 2025
$22 000.00
*Amount payable from the month following your 65th birthday.

Please note that the pension amount(s) displayed do not take into account the indexation to be applied in the future. It will be calculated each year according to the provisions from your pension plan in effect at that time.

To get all the details regarding coordination with the QPP, you can consult the leaflet Integration of Your Public Sector Pension Plan With the Québec Pension Plan (QPP).


You will receive your income tax slips for 2023 before March 1, 2024.

We are required to deduct income taxes on the payment of your pension based on your country and province of residence. If you live in the province of Québec and wish to increase your tax deductions, or modify the personal income tax credits used to determine the amount of your source deductions, use the Request for Income Tax Deductions service.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding Québec income taxes, please contact Revenu Québec.

If you do not live in the province of Québec and wish to obtain information regarding another province's income taxes, the Canada federal taxes or another country's taxes, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

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