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The contents of this section give the broad outlines of section 26 of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act This link will open in a new window.. A plan administrator proposing to apply for registration of an amendment must inform all active and non-active members.

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Notification must be given in all but the following 2 situations

When the amendment to the plan is made by an ancillary deed—a collective agreement, an arbitration award or an order or decree—,only the members who are not covered by that deed need to be notified.

When the amendment only makes provision for the confirmation of employers' right to appropriate surplus assets to payment of contributions (Chapter X.1 of the Act), the notice must instead be in conformity with section 146.6 of the Act.

The plan administrator can inform active and non-active members about a proposed amendment in 3 ways:

  1. The plan administrator must send out a written notice that:

    • describes the purpose of the proposed amendment and the date on which it takes effect
    • mentions that the text of the amendment is available for consultation at the pension committee's office as well as at the employer's establishment, which must be located within 150 km of the member's place of employment.

    If the employer has no establishment within the prescribed distance, the notice must specify that the text can be obtained, without charge, on written request.

  2. The plan administrator can have the notice published in a daily newspaper circulated in an area where at least half the members reside.


    There are exceptions with respect to the publication of the notice.

  3. The plan administrator can have the written notice posted in the employer's establishment, but only for active members. A written notice must be provided to the other members.


    There are exceptions with respect to the publication of the notice.

Exceptions with respect to publishing or posting of notices

It is not permitted to publish or postnotices where the amendment deals with:

  • the cancellation of refunds or pension benefits, new conditions limiting eligibility for refunds or pension benefits, or a reduction in the amount or value of the benefits of members or beneficiaries
  • the allocation of surplus assets or the appropriation of a surplus to the payment of contributions
  • the merging of the assets and liabilities of several plans
  • the division of a plan's assets and liabilities among several plans

Amending an SIPP

The contents of this page do not apply to simplified pension plans (SIPPs). Find out more about amending an SIPP.

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