Valuation of the benefits accrued under a supplemental pension plan

The rules of benefits valuation presented in this section apply to the benefits of members subject to the Supplemental Pension Plans Act, that is, the benefits accrued in respect of work done in Québec, under provincial jurisdiction, principally in the municipal, private or university sectors, and occasionally in the parapublic sector.


  1. The location where the work is done is a determining factor.
  2. Where the plan is administered and where the plan is registered have no effect.
  3. Different valuation rules than the ones provided for a supplemental pension plan apply to the benefits transferred by the member or in the event of the termination of a plan in a:
    • locked-in retirement account (LIRA)
    • life income funds (LIFs)
    • annuity contract acquired pursuant to the Plan's annuity purchasing policy.

Where the Supplemental Pension Plans Act applies, the plan administrator who issues a statement is required to follow the rules of valuation provided for therein, even if the spouses are not subject to the rules of family patrimony.

Most of the rules presented in this section are provided for in the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans.

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