Your role, powers and responsibilities

As an employer who sponsors a pension plan, you have powers and responsibilities regarding the provisions of your plan and the Supplemental Pension Plans Act.

You also have a role to play, depending on the nature of your involvement in the plan. You may be:

  • the plan administrator, which means that either:

    • you are a member of the pension committee (the pension committee is the "plan administrator")


    • you act as the plan administrator in the place of a pension committee. This is often the case for a plan that has less than 26 members and beneficiaries. In that case, you have the same responsibilities and duties as a pension committee.
  • mandated by the pension committee to accomplish certain tasks because you already have the necessary information on the members and beneficiaries and the required administrative and computer systems. In some cases, the pension committee may also delegate certain functions to you. You then assume responsibility for those functions.

As the employer

You have the right under certain conditions to:

As the employer, your responsibilities include:

  • collect the required member contributions and pay them to the plan
  • pay the required employer contributions to the plan
  • take into account the existence of a collective agreement (if any) that may affect a plan conversion, amendments to the plan or termination of the plan

If your plan involves other employers

  • Generally, you cannot act alone to amend or terminate the plan. Those decisions must be taken jointly by all the employers party to the same plan.
  • However, you can unilaterally stop participating in the plan. That is not considered to be a plan termination by the withdrawal of an employer.

If you withdraw from a multi-employer plan, an application for registration of an amendment will have to be sent to us to confirm your withdrawal. The application for registration must include the documents required in this case. Consult the conditions that apply.

If you are the plan administrator

You should consult the pertinent information in the section pension plan administration.

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