Changes in your family situation

The parents must notify us of any change in their family situation, except for new births.

  • The spouse is the person to whom the beneficiary is married, united in a civil union or united in a de facto (common law) union.
  • A person is considered to be a de facto spouse after 12 months of cohabitation (any breakdown of less than 90 days does not interrupt the 12-month period) or when the person is the biological or adoptive parent of one of your children.

In the event of the breakdown of a union, spouses will be considered to be de facto separated when the separation has lasted at least 90 days. Wait until that period has passed before declaring your new conjugal status.


If the separation occurred on 6 January, wait until 6 April, or 90 days later, before informing us of the change in conjugal status. The Family Allowance payments will be adjusted retroactively to February and paid to the person or persons who provide for the care and education of the child.

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