Supplement for handicapped children

The supplement for handicapped children provides families with financial assistance for raising, caring for and educating a handicapped child. The impairment or mental function disability must significantly limit the child in carrying out his or her life habits for a period expected to last for at least one year.

The life habits taken into consideration when processing applications are those that a child must accomplish, depending on his or her age, with respect to his or her personal care and social life. The life habits are the following :

NutritionEating, including the use of implements for eating and drinking.
Personal careCleanliness, excretal hygiene, getting dressed, use of medication.
Moving aboutMoving short or long distances both inside and outside, and using technical aids.
CommunicationThe exchange of information with his or her entourage through speech and language, including comprehension, expressing needs, conversation, hearing and vision.
Interpersonal relationsRelationships with his or her entourage and the capacity to build relationships.
ResponsabilitiesAssuming responsibilities for his or her age, following safety guidelines, behaving in the expected manner and not in a manner that is extreme or excessive, solving everyday problems, respecting social norms.
EducationIntellectual development, knowledge acquired at preschool, or at elementary or secondary school.

Any person who is eligible for Family Allowance payments who cares for a handicapped child under 18 years of age. The impairment or mental function disability must significantly limit him or her in carrying out life habits for a period expected to last for at least one year.

The supplement for handicapped children is paid the person who receives the Family Allowance payments.

If you share custody of a child and a supplement for handicapped children is being paid for that child, the amount of the supplement will automatically be divided between the 2 parents. We consider that shared custody exists when a child resides with each parent between 40% and 60% of the time each month. The amount paid to each parent is half of what the parent would have received if the child were not in shared custody.

Eligibility for the supplement for handicapped children is determined by our team of health professionals on the basis of certain criteria. If the child's condition does not meet the criteria, it is determined on the basis of the severity of his or her limitations in carrying out life habits for a period expected to last for at least one year. The analysis of the child's limitations takes into account the disabilities resulting from the impairment or the mental function disability, as well as the factors in the child's environment that facilitate or inhibit the child when accomplishing life habits. A diagnoses of impairments and mental function disabilities cannot alone determine the severity of a child's limitations or eligibility for the supplement for handicapped children.

Yes. You must complete the Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children form and return it to us. Be sure to provide all the documents requested. Part of the form must be completed by the health care professional (physician, physical therapist, psychologist, or other professional) who assessed or has treated the child and is most familiar with the child's condition.

Furthermore, to obtain the supplement for handicapped children, you and your spouse, if any, must file a Québec income tax return every year, even if one or both of you have no income to report. New arrivals in Québec may be required to provide a breakdown of income, or a Notice of Assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency, if they have not filed a Québec income tax return.

In 2024, the supplement for handicapped children is $229 a month, regardless of family income. The amount is not taxable and is indexed in January of each year.

You will receive your payments of the Supplement for Handicapped Children 4 times a year, that is in January, April, July and October, on the scheduled payment dates.

If you would like to receive your payments on a monthly basis, you must complete a Change in Frequency of Family Allowance Payments form.

The supplement for handicapped children can be paid retroactively for a period of 11 months prior to the date on which we received an application, provided the child met all eligibility requirement This link will open in a new window. during that period.

Payment of the supplement ends when your child turns 18 or before if the child's condition improves or he or she no longer meets the eligibility requirements.

To verify whether your child's condition has improved and determine whether you are still entitled to the supplement for him or her, we may, in some cases, require a reassessment. The frequency depends on the child's handicap and situation.

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