Funding rules for defined benefit pension plans

Are you an actuary who must prepare an actuarial valuation that meets the requirements of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act (the SPP Act)?

This section provides information on applying the funding rules for defined benefit pension plans subject to the SPP Act. The rules are specific to the plan employer's sector of activity.

Funding on a solvency basis

A defined benefit pension plan subject to the SPP Act is exempt from funding on a solvency basis, unless an exemption regulation provides otherwise. In the actuarial valuation report, the actuary must still provide the plan's financial situation on a solvency basis.

Plans covered by an exemption regulation

Special funding rules can apply to a plan covered by an exemption regulation. Unless instructed otherwise, you must consult the regulation for the specific rules.

Note that...

An exemption regulation is a regulation made under the second paragraph of section 2 of the SPP Act This link will open in a new window..

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