Annual Reports and Financial Statements

(Annual reports and financial statements; French only)

The Rapport annuel de gestion 2015 of the Commission administrative des régimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA) accounts for the actions taken and the results obtain in regards to the objectives of the Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and commitments under the Client Services Statement. It describes human, financial and informational resources as well as audited financial statement from CARRA and the pension plans it administers.

In 2015, CARRA carried out two major surveys with its clients and one survey with the employers which allowed it to document the characteristics of its service offers and to better target the aspects to be improved. Incidentally, one of the studies demonstrated that 95% of the clients were satisfied with the services received.

In a context of negotiation of collective agreements which led to an increase in calls and requests from its clients, CARRA is proud to have obtained higher or equal results against 2014 for most of the commitments from its Client Services Statement.The number of complaints received even decreased by 26%.

The year 2015 was also marked by the announcement of the fusion of CARRA and the Régie des rentes du Québec. Together, both organization became Retraite Québec on January 1, 2016. Therefore, this is CARRA's last annual management report.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2015
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