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Use this online service to:

send forms, documents as proof, medical documents or other documents required by Retraite Québec to complete the study of your application concerning one of the following programs:

  • Québec Pension Plan
  • Family Allowance measure
  • public-sector pension plans (RREGOP, PPMP, etc.) (members and beneficiaries).

The following forms:

  • Application for Disability Benefits Under the Québec Pension Plan
  • Application for the Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care

cannot be sent using the online service. You must send the forms by mail and provide the original Consent Regarding the Release of Medical, Psychosocial and Education Related Information form.

However, you can use our online service to send us medical reports and other documents concerning your application.

How to send your documents:

  • Upload a document saved to your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Scan a document and send us the file
  • Take a photo of a document and send us the picture in JPG format.

You would like to send a form?

  1. Download a copy of the form in PDF format to your computer, tablet or cell phone
  2. Open the file and complete it onscreen
  3. Save the completed form. Make sure that all your information has been saved before sending us the file (you must have Adobe Reader 11.0 or the latest version)
  4. Send the file by using this service.

What to do if your form has a signature or you do not have Adobe Reader 11.0 or the latest version?

  1. Download a copy of the form in PDF format to your computer, tablet or cell phone
  2. Open the file and complete it onscreen
  3. Print the form and sign it if necessary
  4. Scan or take a photo of the form
  5. Send the file or photo by using this service.

Consult our List of online services to verify if your application can be filed online. Otherwise, please use Our forms.

Note that...

  • JPG and PDF formats are accepted
  • a maximum of 10 documents may be sent per transfer
  • each document can be up to 7 MB maximum
  • We acknowledge receipt of each transfer of your documents. You do not need to contact us to verify whether we have received them. If your application is incomplete, we will contact you by telephone or by sending you a notice by mail.

The information collected via this online service is necessary. For more information, consult our policy concerning access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Notice to disabled persons

This online service may contain barriers to accessibility. You can call us for assistance. Retour à la référence de la note de bas de page

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