Your 2022 Pension (Statement of Benefits)

Presentation of the Statement of Benefits

The Statement of Benefits, called Your 2022 Pension, is intended for anyone who received a pension in 2021. It provides detailed information about the calculation of the latest indexation of that pension and information on its evolution.

If you are under age 65, the statement will inform you of the time when your pension will be integrated with the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) and will provide you with the new amount of your pension following integration. To find out about the implications of integration, consult the leaflet Integration of your public-sector pension plan with the Québec Pension Plan (QPP).

With the precise information it contains about your pension, the statement contributes to your budget planning.

Receiving your Statement of Benefits

Your Statement of Benefits is automatically mailed to you in January and uploaded to My Account. You can download it if necessary.

By signing up for notifications in the Communication preferences section of My Account, you will receive an email or text message as soon as your Statement of Benefits and other documents are uploaded to your file. Go 100% digital also, by choosing to receive documents only in My Account rather than by mail and you will save time!

Example of the Statement of Benefits (RREGOP)

If you wish to view an example of this document, click on the button below. You can click on the terms in blue to obtain additional information.


Direct Deposit

If you did not choose this form of payment, you can do so at any time to take advantage of the many benefits it offers. You simply have to inform us of your decision using the Direct deposit form This link will open in a new window. corresponding to your situation.

If you choose direct deposit, in January we will send you a Statement of Deposits, which lists all the payments you have received.

Reference Documents

If you have questions about the integration and indexation of your pension, the following documents will be useful:

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