Registering and revoking standard contracts

The locked-in retirement accounts (LIRAs) and life income funds (LIFs) that are dealt with in this section are those subject to the Supplemental Pension Plans Act.

Main points to be aware of

Registration or amendment of a standard contract

Retraite Québec has a general checklist available for you to use in registering or amending a standard contract for an LIRA or an LIF.

The checklist gives all the documents that you must enclose with the application and also indicates which information Retraite Québec needs to determine the standard contract or amendment to register.

The checklist does not replace the requirements of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act This link will open in a new window..


Fees are payable to Retraite Québec:

  • for the registration of each standard contract for LIRAs or LIFs;
  • annually for each standard contract registered until the contract has been revoked. Any late annual payments are subject to penalties.

For more information about the fees and other details, please refer to the LIRA/LIF Fee Schedule.

Revoking a standard contract

Retraite Québec can revoke the registration of a standard contract. In order to do so, the financial institution must attest to Retraite Québec that:

  • no contract in conformity with a standard contract is being processed


  • no contract in conformity with a standard contract will be entered into.

Once a standard contract is revoked, the financial institution no longer has to pay Retraite Québec's annual fees. However, any overdue and unpaid fees are still owed.

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