Rapport annuel de gestion 2019

The Rapport annuel de gestion 2019 (2019 Annual management report; French only) is Retraite Québec's public accountability report. It is the main document used to evaluate the performance of this organization. The report showcases the year's highlights and provides information to help readers better understand Retraite Québec's role and function. It also discusses our results in relation to the commitments made in our Service Statement and to the objectives set out in our Plan d'action 2019 (2019 Action plan; French only) and in our Plan stratégique 2017-2019 (2017-2019 Strategic Plan; French only). In addition, the report provides Retraite Québec's financial statements and those of the plans we administer.

Consult Retraite Québec's Rapport annuel de gestion 2019
(Annual management report for 2019; French only)

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