Priority: Client experience

Being service-oriented is one of Retraite Québec's fundamental values

To maintain its position of excellence with regard to client services, our organization strives to offer its clients a simplified, personalized and humane experience.

This is why Retraite Québec embraced a significant digital revolution and is proud to rely on competent, mobilized and devoted employees, committed to providing its clients with a trustworthy service that meets their expectations.

A well-established client culture

Retraite Québec is known for the quality of its client service, a source of great pride for all its employees.

The client experience is at the heart of our organizational planning, in our vision of customer service, in our values, as well as in our strategic plans.

At Retraite Québec, the client is at the heart of our preoccupations. Frontline employees work daily to offer an outstanding customer service. The excellence of the service and work done in order to constantly improve ourselves sets out the organization apart and increases the employee's sense of belonging. I feel privileged to work for an organization that values being service-oriented and I am proud to help keep it alive and improve it on a daily basis!

Marie-Dominique Dugré ,
Operations advisor –Continued improvement and communications component

I feel privileged to be part of a team that is committed to enhance the clients' experience! Our team is responsible for creating focus groups, which are opportunities to consult our clients, to get closer to them. We make sure to understand their expectations, to validate our solutions and to measure their appreciation of our services. Therefore, we can say that we create our services with our clients! Participating in activities to improve the customer experience is mobilizing, it gives meaning to our work!

France Noël ,
Expert advisor for client experience

I am proud to be able to offer personalized support to clients with the tools that suit them to meet their needs. Regardless of the time in their lives, we always find a way to support them as effectively and humanely as possible.

Anne-Marie Vézina ,
Information clerk

Our organization also implements various means to continuously improve our service delivery, to innovate and offer its clients the support that meets their expectations and needs.

At your service with Voice of the client

In order for its actions and services to follow the evolution of the clients' needs, Retraite Québec remains on the lookout to develop its knowledge about clients and to understand their expectations, preferences and behaviours.

To do so, our organization collects, integrates and analyzes all the information and data available that can improve this knowledge, in addition to carrying out several consultations with clients, such as discussion groups, surveys, usability tests and a Parcours client simulation. The numerous focus groups facilitates the understanding of the needs and preferences of our clients.

By making sure to give them a voice, Retraite Québec puts clients at the heart of the development of its services!  

The transformation of the client experience

Retraite Québec implemented an innovative program that brings together the strengths and talents of the organization to develop its services and its ways of doing it: the Programme de transformation – Expérience client (Transformation program – Client experience, French only).

In order to make it easier for our clients and therefore support them well at every important moment of their lives, our organization aims, through this program, to offer its clients simplified services, available at the time that suits them, in a safe environment.

Innovation as the engine of our evolution

Continued improvement and innovation promote a services offer in synch with the citizens' needs.

The modernization of procedures and the enhancement of the services we offer allow us to accomplish our mission and solidify our commitment to excellence.

The digital change of our organization aims to simplify the procedures for our clients in various life situations. The development of the digital services available at any time of the day allows clients to deal with us at a time that suits them.

Therefore, we are continuing our efforts to innovate and continuously improve our practices, always having clients at the heart of our priorities.

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