Partner of your financial security

Retraite Québec's programs have provided assistance to more than 6 million Quebeckers during major life events.

Québec Pension Plan (QPP)

6 M contributors and beneficiaries$15 B in benefits paid each year 

Public-sector pension plans

1.6 M members and beneficiaries$10 B in benefits paid each year 

Supplemental pension plans (SPPs)

1.4 M members and beneficiaries$173 B in assets being monitored 

Voluntary retirement savings plans (VRSPs)

102 000 members$211 M in assets being monitored 

Family Allowance

892 000 families$2 B in benefits paid each year 

Supplement for Handicapped Children + Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care

40 000 children $143.4 M each year 

Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies

1 121 000 children$114.7 M each year 

An organization recognized for its expertise concerning retirement

An improved client experience

The enhancement of our online servicesSimplified procedures for various life events  

A significant digital turn

Easier access to digital versions of your documents  
Digital option to reduce paper waste  
Notifications to track your application  

Our expertise at the service of your financial security

  • Contributing to enhance the income of future retirees | Enhancement of the Québec Pension Plan
  • Raising awareness among citizens and guiding them in financial planning for retirement | Retraite Québec aims to make financial planning for retirement a social norm
  • Better assisting families | Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies and adding a secondtier to the Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care
  • Ensuring the supervision of several supplemental pension plans
  • Ensuring greater financial independence in retirement by implementing and overseeing voluntary retirement savings plans
  • Reinforcing partnerships with employers who offer public-sector pension plans for the benefit of members and beneficiaries
  • Offering Québec workers a new option for saving that is adapted to today's reality: target-benefit plans

A positive and unique employee experience

With 96% of employees who say they are proud to work at Retraite Québec, we have a team of 2100 of the most mobilized employees to serve the population.

Retraite Québec's figures

6.9 M visits on our website in 2019  
1.3 M telephone calls every year  
93.3% satisfaction rate for all our clients 


In the years to come, Retraite Québec will continue to guide you in financial planning for retirement and put its expertise to your benefit to offer you simplified and personalized services in order to make the steps you take with Retraite Québec easier. Discover our commitments, consult our Action Plan (French only).

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