Tariff schedules for certain service buy‑backs

The cost of a buy-back varies according to several criteria:

  • the type of buy‑back
  • the period covered by the buy‑back
  • your annual pensionnable salary when you file your application
  • your age when your file your application.

Tariff schedules based on types of service buy‑backs

For the types of buy-backs for which the tariff schedules are used and the applicable rates, see the following pages:

If an application for a service buy-back is received less than 6 months after the end of the absence or leave, the tariff schedules do not apply to the following types of buy‑backs:

  • absences without pay
  • parental leave
  • compassionate care leave that was under way on January 1, 2012, or that began after that date.

To quickly obtain an estimate of the cost of a buy-back, use the Buy-Back Cost Estimator This link will open in a new window. tool.

For more information, consult our Buy-backs booklet.

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