Sondage concernant les effets de la crise financière sur la planification de la retraite des Québécois

(Survey on the effects of the financial crisis on the retirement planning habits of Quebeckers; French only)

This study presents the results of a survey that evaluated the impact the financial crisis has had on the retirement planning habits of Quebeckers. The survey also measured their confidence in the various sources of retirement income. It was conducted in May 2009 among non-retirees age 25 and over and excluded people without a permanent job.

The survey findings show that the financial crisis is a cause of worry for many people. The findings delve deeper by identifying people's main concerns stemming from the crisis. Based on the findings, some groups, for various reasons, seem hardest hit by the financial crisis.

The survey also reveals how this worry has affected Quebeckers' behaviour. It sheds light on the areas in which people have changed their habits and how confident they are in regard to their retirement, compared with the findings of previous surveys.

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