Étude sur la perception du RRS par les représentants en marketing des établissements financiers et les conseillers en assurance et rentes collectives

(Study on perceptions regarding the SIPP among marketing representatives from financial institutions and group pension plan and insurance consultants; French only)

The Régie des rentes du Québec created the simplified pension plan (SIPP) so that small businesses could offer a true pension plan to their employees. Nine financial institutions and some consultants in insurance and group pension plans offer SIPPs to employers.

Since those institutions and consultants play an essential role in the administration and distribution of SIPPs, the Régie carried out a study on their perception and knowledge of SIPPs and their degree of interest in offering them to their clients. The results obtained will be used to adopt a strategy for promoting SIPPs in the next few years.

The study showed that the knowledge about SIPPs of most consultants is not sufficient for them to offer or set up an SIPP. However, they consider the SIPP to be a good product and a better choice than the combination of a group RSSP and a deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP). A number of actions are suggested for promoting SIPPs.

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